Travis – Everything at Once (2016)

Red Telephone Box
Britpop, Soft-Rock
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Everything At Once’ is the brand new ten track studio album by Travis released on their own label Red Telephone Box and features the new single ’3 Miles High’ a beautifully understated and uplifting acoustic track, featuring backing vocals from up and coming Norwegian artist Aurora.

Written by Travis and produced by Michael Ilbert at the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin, ‘Everything At Once’ positively overflows with conviction and confidence; pushing boundaries while maintaining their classic sound.

1. “What Will Come”
2. “Magnificent Time”
3. “Radio Song”
4. “Paralysed”
5. “Animals”
6. “Everything at Once”
7. “3 Miles High”
8. “All of the Places”
9. “Idlewild” (featuring Josephine Oniyama)
10. “Strangers on a Train”

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