Trick Mammoth – Floristry (2013)

Genre: Indie Pop, Lo-Fi
Origin: New Zealand
released 31 January 2014
mp3 320kbps 74.9mb

Trick Mammoth are
Millie Lovelock: Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Adrian Ng: Guitars,Vocals, Bass
Sam Valentine: The Drums, Bass

Dunedin trio Trick Mammoth have made their debut album Floristry available to stream ahead of it’s official release in the new year via Fishrider Records. A very different beast from the introverted Elliot Smith-esque solo project first presented to us last August via the It Came From The Attic compilation – as of 2013, founder Adrian Ng has been joined Millie Lovelock (Astro Children) and Sam Valentine (Males). As a trio they’ve created a confident debut release of carefree guitar-pop perfect for the summery times ahead. Listen below and head over to their bandcamp to grab a digital copy or pre-order an LP.

1. Baltimore 02:14
2. Pinker Sea 02:31
3. Terracotta 03:24
4. Delphine (With A Purpose) 02:40
5. Vesper II 03:37
6. Himalayas 03:24
7. Floristry 02:38
8. Cold Dalmatian 03:57
9. Days Of Being Wild 02:57
10. Week End 02:54

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