Various Artists – Trouble In Mind Records Presents: Liverpool 2013 (2013)

Chicago record label started in 2009, by Bill & Lisa Roe. Starting out with the focus on the 2 and 1/2 minute pop song, the label has grown and mutated into a reflection of the Roe’s ever evolving tastes. In their brains it all makes sense and they hope you think so too.

1.FUZZ – Rich Man, Poor Man 02:48
2.The Resonars – This I Know Is True 03:19
3.Maston – Tell Donna 04:09
4.Jacco Gardner – How To Live Again 02:49
5.Night Beats – H-Bomb (Al Lover remix) 02:48
6.The Limiñanas – Liverpool (demo ver.) 05:07
7.The Paperhead – House (demo) 04:16

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