Wang Wen – Eight Horses (2014)

Artist: Wang Wen 惘闻
Title: Eight Horses 八匹马
Label: New Noise
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Quality: 241 Kbps Avg
Time: 67:20
Size: 116,54 MB
Rip Date: 2014-06-20
Str Date: 2014-06-20

Track List:

01. Northern North
02. Sky of Dalian
03. Eight Layer of Hell
04. Ten Thousand Buddhas
05. Escape from Mother Universe
06. Dionysus
07. The Last Journey
08. Welcome to Utopia

Release Notes:

Wang Wen, China’s leading post rock band.
Wang Wen has been been around for 15 years and celebrate this with a new album: Eight Horses.
The band created and new mature sound and worked with some of the top producers in China and Canada.
Their 8th studio album is recorded in a library in Dalian and produced by PK 14’s much respected lead singer Yang Haisong, Ningbo based producer Anzi and Wouter Vlaeminckx, front man of Belgium indie band Toman.
The album is released by New Noise in China and will be available on vinyl in other parts of the world in September 2014.

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