Waxahatchee – Ivy Tripp (2015)

Artist: Waxahatchee
Title: Ivy Tripp
Label: Merge Records
Genre: Folk, Indie Rock, Singer-Songwriter
Quality: WEBRip 320K MP3
Str Date: 2015-04-07

Release Notes:

Katie Crutchfield, aka Waxahatchee, will release her third LP Ivy Tripp on April 7 via her new home Merge (Wichita will oversee its international release). It follows 2013′s Cerulean Salt. Listen to “Air”, above.
Crutchfield produced the album with Kyle Gilbride and Keith Spencer (also of Crutchfield’s sister Allison’s band Swearin’), who also play on the album.
The album’s title is “really just a term I made up for directionless-ness, specifically of the 20-something, 30-something, 40-something of today, lacking regard for the complaisant life path of our parents and grandparents,” Crutchfield said in a press release. “I have thought of it like this: Cerulean Salt is a solid and Ivy Tripp is a gas.”

Track List:

1 Breathless
2 Under a Rock
3 Poison
4 La Loose
5 Stale by Noon
6 The Dirt
7 Blue
8 Air
9 Less Than
10 Grey Hair
11 Summer opf Love
12 Half Moon
13 Bonfire

链接:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eQEhCaQ 密码:ep9c

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