We Are Scientists – TV en Français (2014)

Label: 100% Records
Genre: Indie Rock
Quality: V0 Kbps
Total Time: 34:30 min
Total Size: 75.0 MB

‘TV En Français’ was recorded in New York with Chris Coady. It’s due for release through 100% Records – that’s the artwork, right, complete with a sticker hailing an “expensive new album.”

Bassist Chris Cain explained the title by saying, “It’s in French, I think. At least some of the words.”

1. What You Do Best
2. Dumb Luck
3. Make It Easy
4. Sprinkles
5. Courage
6. Overreacting
7. Return the Favor
8. Slow Down
9. Don’t Blow It
10. Take an Arrow

Download (pan.baidu)

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