Wild Pack – Quiet Life (2013)

Artist: Wild Pack
Album: Quiet Life
Genre: indie folk, blues rock
Origin: Portland,US
Label: Mama Bird Recording
mp3 320kbps 80MB

Based in New London and subsequently San Luis Obispo CA, Quiet Life has settled in Portland and brought with them an excellent new album off of Mama Bird Recording Company. Wild Pack blends classic indie folk with tambourine revival-stomp and covers it all in a healthy shade of the blues. Among other influences the band (whose members have been involved in such projects as Delorean, Hip Hatchet and Holy Sons) attribute Wild Pack’s inspiration to “the road and women”.

1.Record Time
2.Devil’s Kin
3.San Luis Obispo
4.Wild Pack
5.Come on, Come Back
6.Skin and Bones
7.New London
8.Losin’ All My Common Sense
9.Low Blues

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