Wildhoney – Sleep Through It (2015)

Artist: Wildhoney
Title: Sleep Through It
Label: Deranged Records
Genre: Shoegaze, Dream-Pop, Noise
Quality: WEBRip V0 MP3
Str Date: 2015-01-20

Release Notes:

  Wildhoney got together in 2011 and proceeded to release a couple 7-inch records, using a lo-fi combination of GarageBand and other assorted Apple devices. They never recorded any proper demos, but, through word of mouth, their EPs reached punk label Deranged and Forward!, who signed Wildhoney for a full-length release. You won’t hear any punk influences, though: Wildhoney’s music is swirling saccharine guitars with vocalist Lauren Shusterich’s high-pitched warbles complementing the reverb. And unlike with a lot of the band’s peers, her soaring vocal melodies aren’t buried deep within the music; it takes a stand and demands your attention. Shusterich states that she writes her lyrics with the expressed purpose of being something that people can relate to. Through excellent technical songwriting, you can hum along to it; if you were sufficiently drunk, you could even dance to it at a bar.
  The year ahead is set to be an enormous one for Wildhoney. They are embarking on a 17-date tour (dates below) to coincide with the release of their debut album, Sleep Through It, which comes out January 20. Today, Noisey is excited to premiere the album’s single and title track, “Sleep Through It.” Though it clocks in at only two and half minutes, it manages to fit its own hazy optimism within a compact pop architecture. I also called up the band and talked to Shusterich, guitarist Joe Trainor, and bassist Alan Everhart about melding shoegaze and pop sensibilities.

Track List:

1. Fall In 02:21
2. Molly 03:09
3. Owe You Nothing 03:15
4. Sleep Through It 02:32
5. Seventeen 04:23
6. Maybe You’re Crazy 03:20
7. Tea Leaves 04:03
8. FSA 02:37
9. Super Stupid 03:34
10. Boys From Out of Town 03:00

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