Yuck – Stranger Things (2016)

Mamé Records
Indie Rock, Shoegaze
Legit Rip Webrip V0 MP3

  Stranger Things is the sound of a band firing on all cylinders, finally comfortable in their own skin and in control of their own vision. Having overcome the weird expectations that come with being a buzzed about new band and all the attenuating complications and growing pains that come with it. Having made exactly the record they want to make, the band who have now sold well over 50,000 albums worldwide are looking forward to sharing Stranger Things and playing the songs that made them so happy to create.

1. Hold Me Closer (3:49)
2. Cannonball (2:25)
3. Like a Moth (2:52)
4. Only Silence (3:52)
5. Stranger Things (5:07)
6. I’m OK (4:30)
7. As I Walk Away (4:17)
8. Hearts in Motion (3:22)
9. Swirling (5:29)
10. Down (4:09)
11. Yr Face (6:18)

链接: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jGVb3Si 密码: yshu

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